Meet Richard. He spends most of his days seeking the company of like-minded individuals. Today he was cold and lonely and propped on an old box under the overpass, amongst the filth and the debris and the discarded wine casks. He’s unemployed and on an Invalid’s benefit, if you can call being tied to a meager handout any kind of benefit whatsoever.
Richard hails from Rotorua, and ran away from home years ago. I don’t know if he meant he’d runaway from a wife, or a family home.
Perhaps Richard’s wife found she had too little husband, and Richard found he had too much wife.
Richard wasn’t hungry. Nor did he ask for anything of a monetary value. He wanted the thing we all have to give. Some cheerful company. Today Richard seemed harmless enough, but he self harms and has a history of harming others. To me he just seemed rather timid and far less resilient than the rest of us.
I suppose that’s his lot in life. He was short changed, cheated, inheriting a few bad genes. What can I say?
“He’s just a bad machine”.
I traded my time for this picture. It’s a slightly haunted ‘character shot’, so I probably cheated him too.
Such is life.


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